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User Account types within Concourse 360


Within Concourse 360 there are several diffrent user types to be aware of, each having it's own individual aspects and access rights.

Agent User: The standard account type within Concourse 360. Has access to all standard features within the program. Can be registered underneath and administrated by a Broker Agent and has a Maximum of 3 Assistant User accounts that can be administered.

Assistant User:  An account type created for the Agent to give his/her assistant access to the main Agent User Account. The Assistant User type has limited access to the Agent User's data. Access Rights can be edited by clicking the Assitants link in the upper right hand corner within Concourse 360.

Broker User: An administrative account type that is provisioned for brokers. Has the ability to have multiple Agent User accounts registered underneath it. Has all the basic access rights of a Agent User account, and also can take advantage of the Task Assignment feature & has Quality Control capabilities for processing BPOs. Agent User's access rights and Departments can be edited thru the appropriate Broker account by going to Administration>User Management>Agent Users.

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