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Which BPO form should I use?



    With the variety of BPO forms to choose from, you may be wondering which form is appropriate for the BPO you are adding to your BPO list. Here is a detailed description for the forms used in the Realty Pilot system.

 1) Comps Only - The comps only form should be used for all BPO's and Reports that need to be transferred to another asset company or site using the Realty Pilot Extension.  The only exceptions to this are BPO assignments being sent to the Equator and AMN system. You would, however,  use this form to fill MMR's to Equator.

 2) E-Forms - These three E-Forms (E-FNM, E-BOA, and E-GMAC) are used specifically when transferring the BPO to the Equator system. You will select the form that matches the BPO form assigned to you in the Equator system. One way that you can tell which form was assigned to you in Equator is to follow this process: If the form in Equator has an REO Number field it is the E-FNM form; If the form has an Asset Number field it is the E-GMAC form; and if it has neither it is the E-BOA form. You will also use the E-FNM form if you are transferring the BPO to AMN, as this form creates the XML file for you.

 3) E- FNM Muti Family - This form is used when completing a multi family BPO on the AMN system.

 4) Tracking Form - The Tracking BPO Record is used for simply tracking. If you have completed a BPO outside of Realty Pilot, but wish to keep a record of the BPO and save documents, this is the form to select.

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