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BPO Traffic Controller Tips


How does our system work?

  1. Enter a BPO record
  2. Open a BPO form
  3. Import data using CSV file from your MLS or through RETS (Real Estate Transaction Standard)
  4. Complete form and run the Browser Extension to copy data to asset company form
  5. Receive BPO payment and use our accounting section to keep track of payments received
  6. Run report to view totals by asset co, agent or by active/receivables/payables/paid


  • First: Update your profile by selecting your login name (upper right of the page beside Welcome . . .)
  • Second: Setup your Zip Codes (upper right of the page ZIPS) Zips are required so asset companies can find you and alerts can be sent to users with specific zip codes identified.
  • Third: Download the Realty Pilot browser extension for Google Chrome and/or Firefox. Go to Support/Browser Extensions. Download the extension for the browser you use. 
  • Fourth: Final Step before entering a BPO record, add your MLS under Account/MLS Information (MLS IS NOT REQUIRED FOR IMPORTING A CSV FILE). The username and password is NOT your MLS login credentials. The username and password is for a separate RETS (Real Estate Transaction System) connection to allow MLS data to be pulled directly into the form. If you are using an export file from your MLS there is no need to add your MLS. Adding your MLS is only for a RETS connection.


  1. Locate the BPO's/List tab and got to that page
  2. Click on 'Add New BPO'
  3. Enter a Reference # (letters and numbers can be used). This number may be searched by any character within that number. It may also be used to identify a team member such as 25632CB. This would be the reference number and the initials CB for Charlie Bravo and could be searched by just the letters CB
  4. Choose a BPO form. If the E forms are not showing, please watch the video on the Support/Training page. Comps Only is used for macros
  5. Choose an Asset company and the Loaction for that Asset company
  6. Choose the Macro that best describes your BPO form that will be completed on the BPO company site. An example form should appear. This can be changed at the time the macro is ran.
  7. Order dates and time are defaulted to 3 days and the time you enter the BPO record
  8. Enter the address data
  9. Choose Interior or Exterior BPO
  10. Enter lockbox# or none for exterior
  11. Enter the asset company fee that will be paid
  12. Select File is used to attach documents to the BPO record such as driving instructions or photo instructions. Add as many files as required
  13. Notes are for the person completing the BPO and this is normally used for teams
  14. Photos are only required if the BPO is not to be copied to another site
  15. Select an agent to assign this to or leave it open for an agent within your office to accept.

1. In the upper right hand corner and click on the word 'Zips'
2. This brings you to the zip code screen. Click on 'Add Zips' to add multiple zip codes
3. From the State drop down pick your state (hint if no county or city is chosen, all of the state zip codes will be populated), then choose
the County and then the City then click add. This will add all of the zip codes for that city

Throughout the software you will find mouse over content, clickable hyperlinks and search features that allow ease of use and easy to create lists.

MENU Items:

Cockpit: Here you will find a summary overview of BPO/BOV activity along with a Google map of the current BPO/BOV's available and in progress

Google Map: Click on the crosshair of a BPOBOV and see the address displayed, scroll in and out and pan.
Claimed BPO/BOV's: On the right side is a column called Functions. Here you will see some of the primary functions that are used to maintain the BPO record. Click on the magnifying glass (3rd icon over called 'Details') and click on it. Once the details of the BPO/BOV show, click on the Print hyperlink and see how the details print along with the Google map.

Clients: Under the client tab are the asset company details and contact management for each asset company. Once on the asset company page there is a Search button to the right. All columns are sortable by clicking the title of the column. Here you can add asset companies and asset managers. (note: Executive managers are only seen by administrators or by those who enter the executive manager)

Companies: Locating a broker, agent or entering a new brokerage or agent can be done from this page. Like the asset companies, all information can be searched by clicking on the search button to the right of your page

BPO's: List / Accounting* / Reports* - Full details of the BPO's that are in any status from Active / QC (quality control) / To Be Paid / Completed / Deleted. You may add your own BPO's here and track them through the process. ADD A TEST BPO TO SEE HOW THE SYSTEM WORKS. Your admin user can delete the BPO once it is added by the broker.
(*section viewed based on permission level given by admin user)

Reports: This is one of the most useful and powerful tool in the system. Create reports to show by asset company or by agent performance. Also if there are unpaid BPO/BOV's the BPO Completion Report/BPO Status Report will allow for you to build a list to send to an asset company to request past due BPO/BOV payments. The savings you get from this feature will pay for your monthly subscription.

Administration: This area is restricted to the admin user or any other user given the permission to view this area. Here you may set permission levels for whole departments or for individuals. Also global settings are set in this area.

Note: Managing brokers can apply an administrative fee to each BPO/BOV under settings and also manage the due time alerts. Administrative email addresses are entered in this section as a reply to email for alerts that are sent out.



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